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When making an international move, you'll face more of everything.

There's more red tape -- customs, regulations, etc.

More planning to equip you to live in a foreign nation. More time for your belongings to be in transit as they're moved to your new home.

And most importantly to your move, more costs to do the actual moving.

That's where can help.

We will match you up with overseas moving companies that want to compete for your business, offering you free, no-obligation quotes for how much you will be paying.

We help you determine the international moving company that will best handle your needs. The mover you select will be key to the success of your move, because they will handle so many of the thorny details. will also show you what to look for and the questions to ask, and offer you the successful elements of making your move a success, from packing the right way, to planning, even to helping you tackle the overseas blues (also called "culture shock") when your move is over. is the smart way to plan your move overseas.