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Self Service Moving -- You Load, They'll Drive

We all have to watch our costs when moving.

But not everyone is up for doing all of the work themselves. Fortunately for you penny-pinchers, there's a middle approach: self-service moving, commonly referred to as 'You Load, They Drive.'

Here's how it works:

You pack up all your things in boxes, and when the moving van arrives, you load everything yourself.

Then a professional driver does the driving for you, taking all of your goods to your new home -- no worrying about driving some huge behemoth truck through narrow city streets.

Later, unload the self-service moving van at your destination. Simple.

You can also rent a portable storage unit that gets moved on a flat-bed truck. This can either be delivered to your home for loading, or you can load a smaller one at a company that offers this service.

We can help you find self-service moving providers, and also show you ways to find the best deal and how to load a moving van.