The Do’s and Don’ts of Packing a Car for Auto Transport

By Staff

You wouldn't just throw your special china in a box all by itself and hope for the best, would you? In the same vein, you have to be careful about how you prepare your car for its move.

Auto transport companies generally require that you prepare your vehicle before they pick it up. Here are the steps to take to assist you.

1. Prior to shipping, your vehicle must be inspected. You must be there for the inspection because this is when you will sign the bill of lading as well as a vehicle condition report.

2. Your car must be working properly. Some car shipping companies will agree to transport inoperable vehicles, but only for an additional fee. In fact, it’s a good idea to service your car before the ship date to make sure everything’s OK.

3. Before loading the car, inflate your tires to the recommended pressure. This is done to ensure safe loading and unloading without causing damage to your tires.

4. Check the antifreeze levels to protect your vehicle in severe weather conditions.

5. Empty the vehicle. The law prohibits leaving items in your vehicle while it is being transported. Only items necessary for your vehicle to function, such as spare tires or jacks, are allowed. If you happen to leave goods in the trunk or elsewhere and they become damaged, your auto transporting company is not liable.

6. You will need to have a set of keys for the shippers when your vehicle is picked up.

7. All antennas and roof racks should be taken off.

8. If you happen to have an EZ-Pass device or other automated toll-paying device, it must be removed from your car.

9. If your vehicle is connected to an alarm system, disable it prior to handing it over to your auto transporter. This is done so the alarm doesn't activate while your car is in transit.

10. Don't fill up your tank on moving day; have less than half a tank of gas in your car.