What to Bring on Moving Day

By Serena Norr
MovingQuotes.com Staff

Now that all of the planning is done and the moving companies have loaded up your belongings; you can be on your way to your new home with ease. However, if you are renting a truck or traveling a long distance to get to your new home – whether by car, train or air – there are certain items you will need to make this journey easier. Here’s what we suggest you bring when moving to your new home.

1. Something to do. This will differ between adults and children; as well as drivers and non-drivers. For kids, make sure they have a portable version of their favorite activity such as a drawing pad with crayons, a card game, a portable DVD player and even something as a simple as their favorite stuffed toy for comfort. Adults may enjoy bringing a book on tape, some music or a favorite magazine. If you are traveling far distances, try to switch off driving and avoid fatigue by taking breaks along the way.

2. Food and Water. Food and water are of course essential, but they are especially important when you travel long-distances and are uncertain of where rest stops are. To avoid extreme hunger on the road, pack a smaller cooler with fruit, sandwiches, trail mix, and of course water so that everyone stays hydrated.

3. First-Aid Kit. Hopefully nothing will go wrong as you travel to your new destination; but it is better to be safe sorry by having a moving day first-aid kit. You don’t have to but a commercial one; but make sure your kit has sufficient band-aids, antiseptic, rubbing alcohol, as well as sunscreen and bug spray.

4. Phone. This goes without saying, not only to stay connected to friends and family members, but to call up your movers when you are on the road. You should plan to call them every few hours (depending on the distance) to check on their status and location. If they are transporting your items to a storage facility make sure you call them before they leave and ask them what boxes they dropped off. Even if told them 100 times these are your belongings, so you want to know where they are at all times.

5. GPS or Navigator. Most people don’t travel or move without a GPS anyone – and there is good reason why. This handy device functions as a satellite navigation system – that when lost – will direct you to the right destination or even better won’t allow you to get lost. Simply plug in your moving destination location from your old address and the GPS will give you directions to find your new home safely.

6. Extra Cash. For most of us who use our debt cards for everything, you may have a rude awakening in the form of ATM surcharges while on the road. Even worse, you may find no ATMs at some of your rest stops. In any case, make sure than you bring enough cash (but not too) on moving day.

7. Extra Clothing. If you are traveling long-distances, the climate may drastically change. Bring an extra set of clothes; whether it’s another shirt, jeans or a sweater. This is especially important for kids, where getting spills and mess are bound to happen.