Tips on How to Choose a Great Moving Company

By Staff

We all know how stressful moving can be. As if packing up all of your belongings wasn't enough, there is the issue of finding reputable and professional moving companies. Locating movers doesn't have to be difficult and thanks to our checklist it will be less stressful for you and your family.

1. Get multiple moving quotes – It is very important that you base your decision on a moving company based on a valid comparison of quality companies in your market area that can service your move. Different movers have different services that they offer. Some movers focus on larger or smaller homes and others on particular geographies. Your first choice may not always have the capacity or availability to service you when you need to move so having quality options is an important first step. The internet is a great resource to connect with moving companies such as can -- a site that handles all of the prescreening of moving companies for you.

2. Never use a moving company that does not have a valid moving license. - You immediately put yourself at a much greater risk of having problems down the road if your moving company does not meet the minimum standards to maintain an active license. For interstate moves, this licensing is handled by FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). You can search the licensing status of any interstate mover at For intrastate movers, the licensing is governed by the individual state and you can usually find information on licensing at the website of your respective state.

3. Get your moving quotes in writing with a clear description of the services and costs. – Obtain multiple moving quotes by inviting them to your home for an in-home moving estimate. This is especially the case when you are moving to another state. This visual inspection allows your mover to see exactly what your street and driveway and entryway consist of as well as to properly determine the weight of your items. By physically seeing your residence, you can feel much more comfortable that the moving company will have the right equipment and the right crew in place come moving day. In addition, you are much more likely to get an accurate and written estimate that you can compare to other moving company's estimates when you are making your decision on who will handle your move. If a moving company in your area does not feel that it is worthwhile to come out to your residence to conduct an in-house estimate, it may raise questions for you in terms of their commitment to earn your business. In-house estimates are standard practice among quality, professional moving companies and any company should be willing to come to your residence at your request to help provide you with a better and more accurate moving quotes.

4. Ask for recent customer references. – Every moving company that values customer satisfaction works hard to build up a list of customer references and referrals. You should feel comfortable asking your potential moving company for some recent customer references and if you feel that you need more information, you should call up the references and ask them about their experience with the moving company that you are researching. Again, if you are moving a lot of items and or moving long distances, gathering customer references is a valuable and worthwhile step in your process of choosing your moving company.

5. Be cautious of moving companies who discredit other moving companies. – We find that quality, professional companies win their business by delivering reliable service at a fair price. Less quality companies tend to use scare tactics and disparaging their competition as a basis for winning business. Take note of how a moving company sells themselves and their service to you. Look for their points of differentiation and how they compete. This will tell you a lot about the company and its' management practices.

6. Pay careful attention to how you are treated throughout the sales process. – You are likely to see every moving company showing you the best side during the sales process. Pay attention to whether the moving company follows up with you and meets their deadlines. Listen to how your questions are answered and the qualifications and knowledge of the personnel that you are speaking with. These are great signs about the type of moving company that you are dealing with. You should feel very comfortable with a mover before you make your final decision.

Following your instinct and conducting your research will enable you to make a great decision for your move. Although this research and time spent upfront may require a little more work on your part, it offers a great reward in the end. When you work with a professional and high quality moving company, you will have much less stress about your move where you can focus your time and energy on getting ready to acclimate to your new home and the joy and excitement that this can bring for you and your family.