Understanding the Moving Industry

By MovingQuotes.com Staff

You probably know very little about the moving industry, aside from seeing the occasional moving van heading down the interstate. And often, what you do know might involve tales of unscrupulous and conniving movers.

In reality, the moving industry is comprised of thousands of companies, large and small. Most moving companies are not willing to sacrifice their reputation with poor customer service.
Recently, the industry itself has also become more involved in setting high standards. In April 2010, the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) announced the "ProMover" designation.

To become a ProMover, AMSA will screen applicants for any applicable state and federal felony convictions to verify the company's compliance with state incorporation laws. The moving companies must also sign an agreement pledging compliance with applicable state and federal laws, as well as AMSA's Code of Ethics.

The ProMover designation is reviewed every year, and movers who don't measure up will be expelled from AMSA membership and stripped of their ProMover designation. The companies that meet the high standards are listed on AMSA's Website.

Being an informed consumer is still the best way to avoid the unwanted, troublesome scenerios. So familiarize yourself with terminology that you've probably seen but might not be familiar with. As you start your search for a mover, you'll come across four primary players, and it's crucial you know the full implications of each one.

Van Lines.
This is just another word for a large moving company. They're usually distinguished by their long tenure in business; they provide a full scope of moving services both across the country and internationally.

There are approximately 25 van lines, and each is owned and operated separately with corporate structures that include both public and private companies. Among the largest van lines in the U.S are United Van Lines and Mayflower Van Lines (both owned by Unigroup) and Allied Van Lines and North American Van Lines (both owned by Sirva, Inc).