How to Organize Your Packing and Unpacking Plan


Packing is one of those things that you have to be organized and plan for when moving. Some moves fall apart if a packing plan isn't put into place. Thanks to, this won't happen to you. Simply follow our quick packing guide to organize your items and what you need to buy for a stress-free moving day experience.

Make a List:
1. Buy the supplies: boxes, packing tape, different-colored sharpies and a notebook. Only purchase boxes from reputable sources such as a moving company because these boxes are sturdier and built to handle the rigors of moving.

2. Place the appropriate amount of boxes in each room of your house. If you have the space, put together the boxes before you begin packing.

Get Packing:
1. Going from room-to-room, devise your belongings into a keep, toss or donate pile. The toss pile includes items that you never use or are worn down. The donate pile are those items that you will along to friends or family members or to a local charity.

2. Items in the keep pile are the ones that you will pack. The first items that you pack can be the things that you use infrequently -- clothes and sporting goods that are out of season, knickknacks, etc.

3. Using one of the colored sharpies, label the first box you pack "1" with a description of contents and the room where it belongs, the second box, "2," etc - writing down the list as well in your notebook.

4. Make sure that you fill each book, before you move on to the next one.

5. In addition to a brief label on the box, write a more detailed description of the box's contents and its number in your notebook-- you will use this list to make sure each box was delivered, and you will use this list to help you find things you might need access to quickly.

6. Make a schedule of when you will pack. If you are organized and plan ahead, packing a few boxes at a time will be sufficient before moving. This will also help you with stress and not feeling overwhelmed.

7. Pack a separate (small) box of items you'll need right away at the new house -- like cleaning supplies, food items, toiletries, basic kitchen utensils, a set of clothing, bathroom items, and new sheets. Make sure that this box stays with you and is not taken by the movers.

It's Time to Unpack:
1. Lay out the rugs, and get the furniture and dressers where you want them. Then tackle boxes.

2. Unpack these rooms first: kid’s rooms (keeps them occupied); your bedroom (at least set up the bed, it's a nice thing after a stressful day); the kitchen and the bathroom.

3. Just like you packed up all of your belongings, go from room to room and start unpacking.

4. Unpack each box completely, break down the box, and discard it before moving on to the next pile.

5. Also like how you packed, establish a daily goal for unpacking. Don't think you have to do anything overnight; just stay on top of your plan and before you know it you'll be enjoying your new home in no time.